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  • If someone asks us who is the person with loaded knowledge, fun, creative, practical, approachable, realistic, real time experience, coach and a mentor, we remember only you sir.  We had great time during our MBA classes and we wish to take many...
  • I wish I met you many many years ago.  I would have been in a different position by now.  But you made me realize that it is never too late and I still have lots more to offer and lots more to do.  Thank you dear Dr.G V Rao
  • Why am I saying that you are the best trainer in this part of the world, becuase you have already changed me.  You can't imagine how much your session has helped me in my professional and private life.  You are a great motivator.  ...
  • I had been to many trainings in my life.  I must confess, that this is the best one.  Attending your session itself is releasing lot of stress and tension.  Thank you Dr.Rao for sharing your loaded knowledge.  Very rare to see som...
  • I was surprised to see my own results during his session.  Never realized and never looked at my weekness and strengths. He made me realize and brought lot of awareness and gave me right part  to reach my goal.
  • Great trainer, who simplified the complicated management model with real time examples.  Loved the way he interacts with people and a fun session.  Never felt bored during the entire session.
  • Very interactive session and Dr.Rao brings exposure to real work scenarios and put them to practice for better understanding of topic.  Mr.Deepak L&D Manager XPress Money.
  • We heard many times people saying as 'go for an extra mile'.  From Dr.Rao's session, we understood what is the meaning of EXTRA.  He did that during his session and thank him for that extra effort to make the session so interact...
  • This man respects every culture and understands every details of it.  Very easy to work with him. His smile is really contagious.  Thank you is a very small word for his services to empower people. 
  • The trainer Dr.G V Rao, understands what is a Change and give an amzing case studies and drills the information to our minds.  What an explanation and apt examples of real time.  Very much heart touching.
  •   The best part from Dr.Rao is, he make sure everyone involves in the session, discussions, activities and suggestions. Not even a single minutes we get bored or felt sleepy. Amazing day and we love to come back to his course again and again
  •  Be STRONG enough to stand alone, SMART enough to know when you need help & BRAVE enough to ask for it.
  • Dr.Rao posses an excellent teach skills with tons of knowledge.  He is very friendly and approachable.  This is the best training I have ever attended in my life.
  •  Dr.G V Rao, a man with great heart, and wants to bring the CHANGE.  He explains with great passion and enthusiasm.  A fantastic motivator.
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MPowerMe, as the name implies, is designed to be a pit stop for every organization or individuals for empowerment, in their pursuit to success. Established in 2013 as a legal entity in United Arab Emi...

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Our Clients. You are the reason of our very existence. •  There is only one boss. The client. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. Sam Walton Our Trainees. They are the fruits of our investm...

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