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News and Events

  • Oil & Gas Companies

    We have delivered the courses to NNPC and NGC from Nigeria.

  • Delivered Courses to Oil & Gas Companies

    We have recently delivered Petroleum Economics, Financial Modeling, Emergency & Rescue Operations, Effective Man Power Utilization, Corrosion Management and Decision Making 

  • Associations

    We are associated with Nigeria and  UK  training companies to deliver variety of technical courses for Oil and Gas companies.

  • Dr.G V Rao is also an NLP Certified Professional Other than the Motivational Speaker and Trainer

    He is a certified trainer and helps to:

             - Come out of phobias of Water, Snakes, Heights, Flying, Driving and others

             - Improve the memory especially for children and even for elders in studeis, sports, music and other activities

             - Quit smoking, drinking and other unwanted habits

             - Walk from a partial paralysis

              - Have a good sleep, reduce the anger,stop nail biting, snoring etc

              - Reduce or stop the addiction of Social Media, Shopping,, Fast Food, Soft Drinks, Chocolate or any other addiction

              - Take control of minor health issues

              -  LIFE COACHING for career, business, breakup issues, abuse issues, parenting issues etc.