What is MpowerMe?
Is a company which believes in transforming personalities. Helps to discover and rediscover the hidden talents in each individual. Helps to realize and elevate their skills. Helps corporates to increase the efficiency by each department. Helps to understand the corporate values/vision & mission to work more effectively. Also, helps to create social Team Building for fun and for educational purposes. Helps to setup an office from a green field. Provides the knowledge and educational guidance to the children and young students. Helps to motivate at all levels from kids to adults, from labor to executives.

Can I know the History of the company?
Company is young and established in 2013 based out of UAE. For more details click the About link.

Who are the board members?
Dr. G V Rao is the Managing Director and the Lead Facilitator of MpowerMe. He is a veteran and comes with 30 years of corporate experience and understands the needs of every section of the corporates. He has leveraged his experience and converted that into the training methods be it class room or experiential based.

Why should I do business with MPowerMe?
MpowerMe comes with rich experience and has a rich knowledge from various verticals. Verticals such as FMCG, Telecom, Real Estate, Construction, Facility Management, Banking, Airlines, IT, Various government sectors. This is a very rare combination of getting expert facilitators who are well qualified in both technical and managerial side of the equation who can practically deliver the course in the right proportions.

What do you mean by EEE?
EEE stands for Evaluate – Empower – Elevate. We believe in having initial sessions with the client to Evaluate the delegates and understand their needs. Based on the evaluation, the course will be designed / redesigned and tuned to fit to their needs on how they can get maximum benefits. We Empower the delegates in a clear processed manner so that the goods are delivered in the right proportions. With the result of this the delegates will see themselves Elevated in their personal behavior and finally the results can be seen in the corporate.

How simple is EEE?
It is very simple. You just have to pick up the phone and give your time to discuss your needs. We will come back with the right solution and with the commercial quote. If both parties agree on the terms and conditions, we are in the business.

How does a certificate looks like?

How can we reach you?
Reach Us

How can we Join your company?
As and when we have vacancies, those will be published in our portal. Mean time if you think you have some special skills which are unique and can add value to both the parties (MPowerMe and You), then you may please send your CV, mentioning the highlights of your skills, past deliveries, recommendations and video link if available. MpowerMe will get in touch with you in due course as and when that requirement arises. Mean time you are most welcome to contact us at our given address.

How can I give my feed back about the course I attended with MPowerMe?

Can I know the services of MPowerMe?
Please go to What We Do page in the menu.

Can I see your testimonial videos?
Please go to www.youtube.com/user/mpowermeuae