Dr. G V Rao


He has been in the industry for more than three decades in high profile positions with various verticals in GCC for MNC brands with a projects success rate of 100%. His projects are master class and well received by the community. He has received numerous awards and nominations for outstanding projects executed with tangible results.Awarded as Top 10 CIOs for 3 consecutive years by ACN and twice as Top 20 CIOs by Forrester Group in the Middle East. He was also the first recipient of ACN`s Editor`s Choice Award for outstanding contribution over the years and a prominent figure in the media featured many times on the cover page.

In his journey, he had seen the evolution of management styles in various departments. His breadth of experienceis the integral source of knowledge which helps in transforming the new & existing generation on how the change has played a big role in the lives of people, personally and professionally from small, medium to big industries. Being in senior management roles, he carries business knowledge in operations from verticals such as FMCG, Manufacturing, Distribution, Construction, Real Estate, Equipment Auction, Education, General Trading, Landscape, Retail, Residential, Telecom, F&B, District Cooling, Marketing, IT, Banking and others. He carries a wide spectrum of process experience in corporates with IT, HR, SCM, Production, Manufacturing, Logistics, Procurement, Sales, Marketing and various other disciplines.

He has worked as a corporate trainer, coach & consultant and as a team builder. He has contributed his services by delivering trainings to various MNC companies in UAE and other parts of the world. He has delivered his services to medium to large private companies, banks, government entities, facility management, FMCG, Retail, Service Industry, Oil Industry, Education sector, Manufacturing sector, Telecom sector, Fast Food, Construction, Landscaping, Real Estate, Automobile Industry, Airline, Media, fashion etc. He executes green field projects of any vertical by creating vision & mission with core values. He also creates and defines positions, recruit, defining operational procedures, implementing business solutions in IT & Non IT and project management of any magnitude.

He is an International motivational speaker, mentor, life coach, business coach and works well both as a leader and as a team player. He is a certified trainer from Dale Carnegie and Celemi Simulations. He is also an NLP certified life coach.  He is known as a “people`s person”, who adopts an open door policy and executes a boundary less style of management. He believes in empowering people by creating systems for knowledge transfer. He sees a great value in grooming staff to be future managers and a real asset to the corporate with clear strategic goals and directions. His energy levels are high and has a very positive personality with a never give up attitude.

He is an MBA graduate and a PhD holder in Management. He has travelled extensively around the world officially and personally, carries a pleasant personality with excellent communication skills.